Student Affairs and Education Deanship

The deanship of education and student affairs applies the admission policies, transfer procedures and students’ academic registration in accordance with the university regulations. It also follows up students’ scientific affairs till and after their graduation.

Students’ Activities

The university cares for developing students’ abilities through encouraging them to participate in different activities such as scientific, artistic, cultural, and sports activities that are financially supported by the university administration. Several playgrounds for football, table tennis, basketball and billiards that serve students activities have been established.


Oral and Dental Clinic

Hence, the university gives high priority for training dental students, oral and dental clinic was established and it was provided with modern medical equipments in order for students to get training and to serve the community as patients get treatment for free.



Inside each faculty, there is a library which is provided with technological equipments and scientific references in different departments and fields in order for students to get benefit and scientific support.

Copy Center

The university has established three copy centers for copying lectures and handouts.

Transportation Services

The university provides students from different destinations with buses that transport them to and from university for annual fees decided by the university administration.


Several cafeterias have been established which serves different meals, soft and hot drinks for students, staff and all employees for reasonable prices.


Internet Services

The university provides students with internet services. So that, all students can easily connect internet after getting their password from information technology administration center.



A wide area has been prepared as a parking for students’ cars.


Special Preparations

Taking into consideration students with special needs, the university buildings have been designed to serve them.