Admission and Registration:

Delta University for Science and Technology accepts all qualified students to join faculties according to their wishes and according to their scores in national or Equivalent secondary school exam.

Admission Rules:

Delta University applies the rules and decisions of the Supreme Council for Private Universities concerning the new and transferred students according to the council announced decisions.

Application Form:

Application form is available in the university at registration and admission office, which must be attached with all formal required documents as follows:

First: New Students:

Students with high school certificate or equivalent one are considered recent students and should supply the following documents:

  • Full data application form.
  • For foreign certificates:supplying the original certification certified from the Egyptian embassy or the Egyptian ministry of foreign Affairs.
  • Six new personal photographs.
  • Certificate of birth or official extract (Computer one). For Arab students: they must certify the qualification or supply the original passport.
  • Egyptian male students should apply “2 Gondform from the recruitment region”.
  • Egyptian male students, who are over 19 years old, apply “6 Gond form from police station that follows his residence”.
  • Students who have not exceed 22 years old on (1/9) in the same year of application, should presents their military status.
  • Non-Egyptian students should apply a copy of the ID (passport).

Second: Transferred students:

Students who have studied at any University or Institution are considered a transferred student and should apply the previous documents besides the following:

1- Transcript  that shows the previous college syllabus, degrees and grades.

  • Students transferred from private universities should apply the report with the university seal.
  • Students transferred from Higher Institutions should apply the report sealed with republic logo from the ministry in embassies quarter, Nasser city.
  • Abroad learned students should certify the report from the Egyptian Embassy.

2-Detailed course specification for every passed syllabus certified from the university or Institution.This description is required for making scientific equivalent in order to equalize materials according to university followed rules with maximum (70%) of hours required for graduation.