lampThe faculties follow the credit hours system in which coursework is counted in standard units called credit hours. The academic programmes are subjected to the following rules:

1- The academic semester: 15 weeks.

2- The academic year: two academic semesters (30 weeks).

3- The summer semester: 8 weeks.

4- Academic guide: the faculty council assigns an academic guide for the student once s̸ he registers. The academic guide helps students in registering courses each semester, solves any problem and follows up students’ performance till graduation.

University Faculties:

  • Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Faculty of Physical Therapy.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Business Administration.


Rules5University Requirements:
Students must pass the university requirements courses which include (Humanities, Social Science, Information Technology and English).

Faculty Requirements:
Students must pass the faculty requirements courses which include (Basic Science and the academic programme courses).

Students Evaluation
According to the credit hours system, grade point average (GPA) is computed each semester to show the student’s academic standing.

Academic Programme Requirements:

Students must pass their academic programme requirements. The academic programmes requirements are specified according to each faculty academic programmes, credit hours and the compulsory and elective courses.


It is computed by multiplying each course credits by the grade points corresponding to the grade received, then adding all points earned and dividing the total by the number of credits in the semester. As the student progresses in study, transcript will show a grade point average for each semester.

How to Calculate Your GPA ?



Rules5The academic guide at the beginning of each semester shows students the procedures and rules of registration in addition to adding or dropping courses. According to the academic year calendar, student is allowed to add or drop courses during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters and first week of summer semester, and after consulting and getting permission from his/her academic guide. A student is allowed to add and drop any course provided that they don’t exceed the maximum credit hours allowed.

NOOSemester Withdrawal:

Semester withdrawal is the formal termination of a student’s complete registration in all courses for the semester. The student must file a petition to the dean of the faculty and seek the approval of the faculty council. However, a student who withdraws from a semester cannot refund the fees paid.

University Withdrawal:

In case a student withdraws from the university, then s̸ he has to sign a withdrawal form to the dean of students’ affairs. As for students who are less than 21 years old should bring their parents to sign the form.

Re-admission :

A student whose study at the university is interrupted and would like to re-admit must submit formal request for re-admission to the dean of students’ affairs. This must be done before the end of the registration period of the semester for which the student wishes to be re-admitted.

educatblueAttendance and Punctuality Regulations:

Students should attend all classes for which they are registered to obtain the maximum educational benefits. Students whose absence record exceed 25% of course hours are banned from the final exam and accordingly receive a “failing grade” (F) in that course. In case a student faces unexpected conditions that prevent him̸ her from setting for the final exam, then they have to file a petition to the college dean to 1

Academic Warning and Probation:

According to the universities executive by law (49) for the year 1972, academic warning and probation are applied by the university for students.

queCredit hour: each course that the student registers is counted in standard units called credit hours.

The Academic Year: two academic semesters in addition to summer semester.

Academic Registration: The academic courses that students register each semester.

CGPA: is the sum of courses scores that the student gets within all semesters.

GPA: is the sum of courses scores that the student gets each semester.

Academic load: is the sum of courses credit hours that the student registers per a semester.

Academic Guide: is one of staff or co-staff members who helps students in registering courses each semester, solves any problem and follows up students’ performance till graduation.

Rank of Honor :The university grants rank of honor for students who obtain 3.5 or higher in their GPA, on condition that they don’t get a “failing grade” (F) in any course till graduation.

Graduation Requirements: The academic degree is granted to students after passing the specified credit hours. Furthermore, students must not exceed the normal period required to finish the academic programme.

Academic Warning and Probation: If the CGPA falls below the specified grade, the student is put under probation for two semesters during which her̸ his academic load is reduced to enable her ̸ him to achieve the acceptable CGPA.

Admission and Registration: Completing admission procedures and getting tuition fees paid in order for students to register their courses.