Quality assurance center of Delta University for Science and Technology was established in 2010. Quality assurance center is committed to apply real polices to place the quality of the learning experience of our students as highest priority. The guiding principles of the framework come from the university’s revitalized mission.
Quality in higher education is a multi-dimensional concept, which should embrace all its functions and activities: teaching and academic programmers, research and scholarship, staffing, students, buildings, faculties, equipment, services the community and the academic environment. The quality assurance center of Delta University for Science and Technology developed a well-established an internal quality assurance system to ensure quality, continuous development of undergraduate education to examine demand for courses, the shape of curriculum and delivery and modes of assessment.
Due attention was paid to the specific institutional, national and regional contexts in order to take into account diversity and to avoid uniformity. Stakeholders should be an integral part of the institutional evaluation process.
We believe in Delta University for Science and Technology that quality assurance should exist alongside and support the ideal of ‘fitness for purpose of education’ where the purpose is the development of society and education of the individual.
We recognize that achieving excellence in education, research and innovation is dependent on our staff. The University Strategy states that we need to develop the capability of our people to deliver our objectives and to respond flexibly to changing needs. Our Strategy sets out that higher education should be characterized its international dimension: exchange of knowledge, interactive networking, mobility of teachers and students, and international research projects, while taking into account the national cultural values and circumstances. Recruiting the best people and supporting them to realize their full potential will help us to deliver excellence. Investing in our leadership and management capacity will help us to support colleagues to respond flexibly to the changing needs of our students and other stakeholders.