Through its belief of the integral role of community development and moving forward the process of progress of the surrounding community; Delta University for Science and Technology represented in its faculties is taking a pioneering and distinguished part in introducing a group of consultative services in all miscellaneous arenas through the construction of a specialized consultative center for integrated studies which combines all the engineering majors to offer the services needed for the progress and the improvement of the community of North Delta.

Centers Objectives:

  1. Distinguished Consulting Services.
  2. Community Service and Environment Development in the Eastern Delta Region.
  3. Linking the educational process to the practical environment by involving students in various projects to prepare a distinguished graduate who can perform his mission.
  4. Utilizing the University’s scientific, laboratory, technical and expert capabilities to create a new developed community in the delta region.
  5. Training and preparing administrative, technical and financial cadres.

Centers Units:

  1. Training and Human Resource Development Unit.
  2. Projects Management Unit.
  3. Designs, Studies and Research Unit.
  4. Central Laboratory Unit at Faculty of Engineering.
    – Soil and Soil Mechanics Testing Laboratory.
    -Material Testing and Concrete Resistance Lab.
  5. Economic Feasibility Studies Unit.

Training Programs:

Within the framework of the Consultative Center’s plan for Integrated Studies at Faculty of Engineering for community services and environmental development besides raising the efficiency of its students to promote them in the labor market as well .

list of Some projects the center participated in

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