On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Deans, Vice deans, heads of departments, faculty members, technical assistance and all the staff at Delta University, I welcome you at the university campus and congratulate the new comers to the different faculties of the Delta University for their trust, they showed for joining the university and, I wish all the success and progress for the senior students. I invite you all to profit from your enrollment to Delta University to acquire the necessDr.yehia2ary knowledge, Skills and attitudes for building your academic and professional characters and to enhance your soft skills necessary for improving your life and developing your society.

Delta University management is keen to improve continuously the teaching opportunities and developing the academic programs to fulfill the market needs in the fields of Engineering, Business Administration, Pharmacy, Oral and Dental medicine, and Physical therapy.

The teaching media in the university is English language through a program offered by the British Council Egypt to prepare the students to get high score in the APTIS test designed according to the common European Frame of Reference that enables the Students to get better job opportunities, pursue their postgraduate studies abroad and acquiring valuable academic experience, enhancing, Leadership, creativity and inventions.

I remind myself and all the concerned individuals that we have a lot to develop our university to reach advanced rank among the Egyptian Universities.

The main concern of the university board in the near future is to improve the capacity of the faculty members and their assistants and the staff members .Also we would activate the Students Councils and academic advising ,encourage the research and support community service activities ,get involved in social activities and develop       E-Learning system.

We would like also to improve the University Portal and finish the self-study towards the application for getting the accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation at Egypt NAQAE for all the faculties.

Delta University offers continuing education programs to enhance the employment opportunities of the graduates as to update their knowledge.

We are looking for supporting success academic superiority and necessary soft skills and wish you excellent experience at Delta University during your study at Delta University.

We summarized the University by laws, strategies and curricula in this website.

I hope you read it carefully and consider it as an important source of information.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask for it from the different resources starting from the academic advisor to the president of the University.

We are all here to help you and very enthusiastic for this academic year and wish you all the success.

I hope that the deans and different concerned departments support these directions and translate it to actions and I wish you all successful academic year and prosperity and superiority for our beloved Delta University.

Prof .Dr.Yehia El- Mashad
President of the university

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